Burt Reynolds’ ‘Hawk’

DVR alert!

On Sunday night/Monday morning, over-the-air channel GetTV will present six episodes of Hawk, a 1966 ABC series starring a young Burt Reynolds as an Iroquois Indian detective in New York City.

GetTV calls Hawk “a thematically complex show, progressive in storytelling but conservative in its main character. It’s delightfully dark, and not just because most of the episodes take place at night.”

The series broke stereotypes. GetTV provides this 1966 quote from Reynolds: “When they asked me about Hawk and said he was an Indian, I immediately thought of a fellow with a feather in his hair running around New York, and I wouldn’t do it…. I wanted to play this Indian my way – after all those years of watching TV Indians getting undignified treatment.”

Original trailer (low resolution)

In its original run, ABC pulled the plug quickly and Hawk lasted for only 17 hour-long episodes. GetTV will begin its mini-marathon at midnight ET with the pilot episode, guest-starring Gene Hackman. Next up at 1 am will be an episode scored by Nelson Riddle. Martin Sheen guests on the 3 am show, and Robert Duvall at 4 am

For more info on Hawk, visit GetTV’s blog and schedule page. For info on where you can watch GetTV, go to “Get the Channel.”

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