Imperiled US Roads

(Pictured above: Collapsed I-35W Mississippi River Bridge in 2007. Source: Wikimedia Commons)

A documentary advocating increased federal spending on the US Interstate Highway System will debut on Amazon this Thursday, April 6, and on iTunes later in the month. The producers did not say how much, if anything, the film will cost to watch.

Be Prepared to Stop, which takes a grim look at the consequences of a failing national infrastructure, is presented as a wake-up call. On the documentary’s official site,, the filmmakers call on voters to contact their elected representatives: “We have a new administration in the White House, a Congress that is trying to make big changes, and a population that is more engaged than ever in speaking up about what is important to them… Watch Be Prepared to Stop and then let your representatives know your thoughts on new infrastructure bills being presented in the House and Senate.”

The producers serve up some alarming statistics:

  • 32% of America’s major roads are in poor or mediocre condition and 25% of bridges are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete;
  • 42%of America’s major urban highways are congested, costing the economy an estimated $101 billion in wasted time and fuel annually.

What’s more, the filmmakers note, over 80% of US communities depend solely on trucking for delivery of their goods and commodities; and one out of every 14 jobs in the United States is created or directly affected by the trucking industry.

“My grandfather was a truck driver and taught me to respect the professionals driving the rigs hauling everything we rely upon for our way of life,” said Jennifer Clymer, co-director and executive producer of the film. “I am hoping this film sheds a light on this problem and is a wake-up call that if action is not taken soon there will be significant consequences.”

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