Cinedigm Expands

Cinedigm, which distributes programming through a variety of online genre channels, is significantly expanding its availability, beginning with Google Chromecast on April 21, followed by Amazon Fire TV in June and Android TV in July.

According to a company news release, the platforms will bring Cinedigm content to more than 60 million additional devices. eMarketer reports that Cinedigm is already available to more than 30 million users across devices including Roku Players and Roku TV models, Android, Apple’s iOS and tvOS, as well as online. Cinedigm channels are also accessible to Amazon Prime members.

The channels, offering both free ad-supported content and paid subscription programming, include Dove Channel, CONtv, Docurama and The Wham Network, an e-sports and gaming channel scheduled to launch in fall 2017. Cinedigm also offers shows from National Geographic, Discovery, Scholastic, NFL, Shout Factory, Hallmark Channel, Jim Henson and other sources. It claims a library of more than 52,000 films and TV episodes, including documentaries, independent movies and festival picks through the Sundance Institute and Tribeca Films.

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