Stream DVDs & Blu-Rays

Want to stream your DVDs or Blu-Rays?

Vudu has added mobile capabilities to its Disc-to-Digital service, which already offered digital conversion from computers equipped with DVD or Blu-Ray players.

Here’s how you can now create a digital library from your existing discs:

  1. Get a Vudu account via the app – from the iOS App Store or Google Play – or join the service via your computer. You’ll also need a free Ultraviolet account for cloud storage.
  2. Click “Disc to Digital.”
  3. On phones, scan the UPC code from a DVD or Blu-Ray. On computers, insert the disc.
  4. Watch the content through Vudu on any device.

Blu-Ray conversions cost $2 each. DVD conversions cost $2, or $5 for HDX upgrades. The first mobile conversion is currently free.

Be advised: Disc-to-Digital won’t work for every disc, but will be able to convert nearly 8,000 movies from Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. More titles are promised over the coming months.

Also, based on this Reddit string, while you’ll get a digital copy of your disc’s movie, you won’t get any of the special features (like commentaries) that many DVDs contain.

Vudu, best known as the pay-per-title streaming service owned by Walmart, also offers InstaWatch, which automatically sends digital copies to purchasers of “eligible” DVDs or Blu-rays from Walmart stores or

Vudu said that the average movie collector owns nearly 100 discs.

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