Wallace Takes ‘Stage’

Coming to The Stage will return for its sixth and seventh seasons.

Veteran stand-up George Wallace will assume hosting duties from Andy Kindler, who has welcomed a string of aspiring comedians during the current fourth season and season five, which is scheduled to premiere in July.

“Just like Donald Trump, I’m going to make this show great again. We’re going to have some fun. Nothing but laughter,” said Wallace.

Below, Wallace gives a shout-out to fans about the upcoming season:

Coming to the Stage, produced by Comedy Dynamics, allows would-be comedians to test their chops before a live audience. In addition to the newcomers, there have been special appearances by Doug Stanhope, Todd Bridges and “Nick Cannon with the misadventures of the seven-foot-tall microphone, Mr. Microphone.”

You can watch the first four seasons of Coming to the Stage now with a $3.99 per month add-on Comedy Dynamics subscription through an existing Hulu or Amazon Prime membership.

Comedy Dynamics is also available on RokuAndroid and iOS devices.

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