‘Deplorable’ Slacker

The Deplorables will make purgatory great again.”

That’s the promotional tagline for a new comedy web series from Diamond Jesus Productions.

The Deplorables, an eight-episode series to be released online in late 2017, is based on a 2011 feature film called Stuck in the Middle (not to be confused with the Disney sitcom of the same name) about a “millennial mailroom slacker” who dies and winds up in purgatory – which is the mailroom. Stephen Fontana is to reprise his role as aforementioned slacker Michael Cheevers, and Penelope Lagos will return as Brooke Lynne Monroe. The Evangelist’s Keith Collins, Orange is the New Black’s Edvin Ortega, The Jersey Devil’s Evonne Walton and Smokers’ Charles Goonan will also join the cast.

The series was created by Joseph Pepitone, and he co-wrote it with his brother, Billy Pepitone.

You can watch Stuck in the Middle on Amazon for $1.99; and catch the trailer here:

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