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GTChannel, which claims to be the largest automotive-focused creator network on YouTube, has embarked on a new branded entertainment series dedicated to emerging car technology and how it’s transforming the driving experience.

Planned as a 26-episode season on YouTube and Facebook, VENUS123 (a reference to the family phone number on the 1960s’ cartoon series The Jetsons) will be presented in a news magazine style that GTChannel producer Evan Jones describes as “Vice for autos.” GTChannel did not announce a premiere date.

Episodes are to debut bimonthly, focusing on how cars “are quickly evolving from simple transportation devices to offices and entertainment hubs.” Jones said the series will explore “all the facets of the future car and how the features and products coming to market will help to define what that is.”

VENUS123, which hopes to capture the “tech-centric” 18-34-year-old audience, is funded in part by major brands in the automotive and technology industries.

GTChannel describes itself as “a social influencer agency and brand studio servicing manufacturers, the aftermarket parts category, and millennial lifestyle brands across all social media platforms, online automotive publishers, OTT, mobile, game consoles and television.” The company created the GTChannel Network to offer an extensive list of partner video channels focusing on both US and internationally made vehicles.

GTChannel Co-founder and President Taro Koki makes his video partner pitch for the network here:

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