Titanic Streaming

More than 100 years after its ill-fated maiden voyage, the Titanic now has its own online video home, TitanicChannel.tv.

A paid subscription streaming service, TitanicChannel.tv is set to offer “a trove of completely original, constantly growing programming presented by world renowned experts and explorers.”

“We have exclusively assembled renowned Titanic scholars from all over the world, experts who provide the original programming, daily and exclusively to subscribers,” said Executive Producer Ronald Baret. “We’re delivering new facts, new stories, theories, analysis and educated opinions behind the most famous ship in the world, whose hold on the interest and imaginations of people globally just doesn’t diminish.”

TitanicChannel.tv offers new and original host-presented episodes, Monday through Friday, as well as weekend special features. It also plans to stream coverage from live events, including the upcoming Titanic Belfast events in April.

You can register for a free 30-day trial, but you’ll have to provide credit card information and select a subscription plan of $4.95 per month or $49.50 for the year. If you do select the yearly plan, TitanicChannel.tv says it will give you two free months.

For more, visit TitanicChannel.tv.

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