‘Steele Grey’ Pilot

LouddMouth TV, which plans to offer stand-up comedy, original web series and sketch comedy, has premiered the pilot for the new drama Steele Grey, about “a successful black androgynous female criminal attorney that is disbarred in Georgia for losing control during a controversial hate crime case involving the tragic death of a transgender middle age woman.”

Sonny Jones-Smith, who also executive produces, writes and directs, stars as the title character in the two-part pilot, which opens in the fictional location of Justice County, Georgia, during an “intense court case.” The series promises to deal with “authentic storylines of real life difficult subject matters and the characters’ connection in navigating through them, such as mental illness, domestic violence, HIV & AIDS, PTSD, gun violence and much more.”

Parts one and two can be viewed at LouddMouthTV.com for $1.99 per installment.

LouddMouthTV is seeking an additional $125,000 with a Steele Grey crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to fund the remaining 10 episodes. Shooting is planned for Georgia, Florida and international locations including Canada, the UK, France, Germany and London. The goal is to finish production by the end of summer 2017.

For more information, visit LouddMouthTV.com.

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