Kristen Bell’s ‘Houzz’

Houzz Inc., a website for consumers seeking home remodeling products and advice, is offering new episodes of its own branded home makeover video series My Houzz.

My Houzz features guest celebrities who surprise close family members with home redesigns featuring “Houzz technology.” Ashton Kutcher headlined the 2015 pilot in which he secretly orchestrated a basement redesign for his family’s Iowa house.

Today marks the first in a new slate of five episodes to be released in the first half of 2017. In the premiere, Kristen Bell surprises her sister Sara with a “major renovation to her home outside Detroit.” Via the Houzz site, Bell helps plan the redesign, along with an on-site contractor, to ensure that “every detail of Sara’s underutilized basement” suits the individual needs and tastes of her sister’s family of six.

“Using Houzz, I was able to pull off a major surprise remodel in Michigan from my home in California,” said Bell, including “finding a local pro with great reviews to sharing ideas for my sister’s dream home, to buying all the furniture and accessories in my ideabook.”

Ashton Kutcher is listed among the executive producers for My Houzz.

You can watch the Kristen Bell episode at My Houzz; or the entire episode here:

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