Korean ‘Kingdom’

(Pictured above: Kim Seong-hun)

Netflix will introduce its second Korean production, an eight-episode series called Kingdom, in 2018.

Kingdom takes place “in Korea’s medieval Joseon period where a crown prince is sent on a suicide mission to investigate a mysterious outbreak that leads him to a brutal truth that threatens the kingdom.” The series promises to be both “historical period drama and zombie action-thriller,” according to Netflix.

The project involves director Kim Seong-hun, who wrote and directed Tunnel, a 2016 Korean box office hit about a man trapped in a tunnel while driving home; and Kim Eun-hee, the writer for Signal, a series in which detectives from the past and present communicate via walkie-talkies.

“I have been working on Kingdom since 2011. I wanted to write a story that reflects the fears and anxiety of modern times but explored through the lens of a romantic fascination of the historical Joseon period,” said writer Kim Eun-hee.

‘Signal’ episode one with English subtitles:


Kingdom presents the opportunity to work on long-form television at its most ambitious and on a truly cinematic scale because of the unparalleled creative freedom that Netflix as a global internet television network provides,” said director Kim Seong-hun.

‘Tunnel’ trailer:

Kingdom will be produced by the Korean drama production company Astory.

In January, Netflix announced its first Korean production, Love Alarm, a 12-episode series based on the webtoon by Kye Young Chon, a comic author “known for her unique take on the romance genre.” That series is also scheduled to premiere in 2018.

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