‘Jack & Dean’ March 16

The $5.99 a month, ad-free subscription streaming service Fullscreen will debut a second season of its comedy series Jack & Dean of All Trades, on Thursday, March 16.

To mark the occasion, Fullscreen will debut back-to-back episodes involving “lifelong best friends,” fictional versions of real-life YouTube celebrities Jack Howard and Dean Dobbs, “as they attempt to hold down a series of temporary jobs, while dealing with an incarcerated girlfriend, a scheming sister, and a hidden bag of stolen money.”

The second season will include the return of regulars Jessica Hynes and Andrea Valls, along with guest appearances by Game of Thrones‘ Jacob Anderson and Borderline‘s David Elms.

The producers promise more chaos, when “an (almost) accidental bank robbery leaves Jack’s girlfriend in prison, and Jack and Dean in possession of a bag of stolen money.” Expect the two to get into “ever-more ridiculous adventures.”

The six-episode season is written by Howard, Dobbs and Paul Neafcy.

You can watch season one now with a subscription to Fullscreen.com, and the first episode for free right here:

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