Amazon’s ‘Patriot’

(Pictured above: Michael Dorman in ‘Patriot’)

Amazon’s new one-hour episodic dramedy series, Patriot will premiere this Friday, February 24.

Patriot stars Michael Dorman as John Tavner, an intelligence officer tasked with preventing Iran from “going nuclear.” Complicating Tavner’s mission are PTSD, “the Federal government’s incompetence and the intricacies of keeping a day job” with a “’front’ industrial piping company.”

The cast includes Lost’s Terry O’Quinn as Tom Tavner, the State Department director of intelligence and John’s father; Kurtwood Smith of That 70’s Show and Resurrection as Leslie Claret; another Resurrection alum, Kathleen Monroe, as Tavner’s wife; and Orange is the New Black’s Michael Chernus as Tavner’s older brother Edward, a Texas congressman.

Executive Producer Steven Conrad, who wrote the screenplay for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, wrote and directed  the series.

You can view the pilot episode online now for free, without a subscription, at The remaining nine episodes will be available for viewing, with an Amazon Prime subscription, starting February 24.

Visit Amazon Video for a list of compatible devices.

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