Brent Returns Today

Ricky Gervais’ mockumentary creation, David Brent, returns today on Netflix in a new film, David Brent: Life on the Road.

Directed, written and produced by Gervais, Life on the Road picks up where BBC2’s The Office left off 14 years earlier. Brent, now a traveling salesman sustained by dreams of rock stardom, cashes in his pension and forms a band, “Foregone Conclusion,” consisting of session musicians and a rapper called Dom, played by Ben Bailey Smith.

Gervais talked about the new film with Graham Norton last April when it was announced as a theatrical release in the United Kingdom. In the interview, Gervais described Brent as “a man out of time… It’s funny, but it’s quite sad as well.”

The new film also includes original music and lyrics by Gervais, with arrangements by Andy Burrows of Razorlight and We Are Scientists. You can purchase the 20-song album from iTunes for $9.99 or individual tracks for $1.29.

You can download the movie from iTunes for $19.99, or view it on Netflix with a subscription.

The Office was also successfully adapted for US television, with Steve Carell playing Michael Scott, the American version of David Brent. That series ran for nine seasons.

Netflix subscribers can also binge on all 14 episodes of the British series, or 192 episodes of the US series.


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