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Today, Young Hollywood, a “celebrity digital network” that markets content to millennials, unveiled Brad & Spencer.

The company is hailing the release as its first animated feature, yet it’s only 22 minutes long. Go figure.

Brad & Spencer are “two dudes” who “are not the brightest,” finding “themselves in typical crazy high school situations.” Yet, they are described as “somehow always end up coming out ahead by taking risks and attempting to life-hack various ‘crisis’ moments.” The two characters “are all about living that ‘bro’ life,” says Young Hollywood.

You can buy Brad & Spencer for $2.99 in HD, $1.99 in SD, from Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, Walmart’s Vudu and other digital distributors.

Brad & Spencer trailer:

For more information, visit Young Hollywood.

(Note: Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube.)

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