‘Living Dead’ Marathon

To honor director George A. Romero’s 77th birthday on Saturday, February 4, the Syfy channel’s Facebook page will run a 12-hour marathon of his 1968 horror classic Night of the Living Dead. The celebration begins at 11:30 am ET at www.facebook.com/Syfy.

If you can’t catch Night of the Living Dead during Syfy’s Facebook zombie-thon, don’t despair. The film has long been in the public domain, so you can stream it free at any time from a variety of sources. It’s the most downloaded movie ever at the Internet Archive, so why not start there? You can also watch it at Snagfilms, Vimeo and, of course, YouTube. Or right here:

As a Savvy Screener bonus, here’s the film with a commentary audio track, thanks to Cinemamassacre:

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