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Walter Presents, a $6.99/month subscription streaming service offering subtitled foreign-language TV dramas, said it will debut in the US this March. The service premiered in the UK on January 3.

Walter Presents promises 34 series from 12 countries, including:

  • Valkyrien, a Norwegian thriller “set in an illegal, underground hospital where a desperate surgeon agrees to treat patients from the criminal underworld, in return for secret facilities that may help cure his dying wife.” The first season consists of eight 45-minute episodes.
  • Spin, a French political thriller that “explores the intense rivalry between two spin doctors… The former friends become fierce competitors … when a snap election is called.” Spin, which ran for three seasons in France, consists of 12 hour-long episodes.

Here’s a Spin trailer, with Walter Iuzzolino, co-founder and curator of Walter Presents, touting the series (“Politics has never been so sexy”):

Other series bingeable in their entirety will come from Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and additional countries.

Walter Presents promises to premiere two new series monthly. All shows on the service will make their US debuts.

Walter Presents is a joint venture of Global Series Network and the UK’s Channel 4, and represents its “first major investment outside of the UK,” according to Channel 4 Chief Executive David Abraham.

While distinguished by Iuzzolino’s personal curation, Walter Presents will compete for US fans of international TV drama against other subscription streaming services like MHz Choice, Eurochannel and even Netflix. For a complete rundown on where to find European programming in the US, visit The Euro TV Place.

To get email updates about Walter Presents, including platforms and devices, register at Channel 4’s Walter Presents USA page.

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