Cordless Generation

Industry research firm Gfk reports 18 to 34-year-olds account for 43% of those who have either never subscribed to a cable, satellite or telco service or who have “cut the cord.”

Gfk’s annual survey of 25,000 consumers in the United States found that “untethered millennials” spend two-thirds (65%) of their viewing time streaming via a TV set or other device, double that of “cordless boomers” (36%), who spend the majority (56%) of their viewing time “watching live TV on a TV set over the airwaves.”

Millennials’ favorite streaming platforms include YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, but they also are more likely to view content on smaller platforms like Crunchy Roll, Twitch, and the Adult Swim app.

For marketers, GfK also noted “that millennials are hard to reach because they are 44% more likely to be cord-free than the average US consumer.”

“These viewers are huge fans of quality programming and content – but they are not fond of being told where, when and how they should watch it,” said Karen Ramspacher, SVP of Consumer Insights & Trends at GfK MRI.  “They view streaming services as well worth the money, and producers of the best shows ‘on TV.’ Appealing to this unusual combination of untethered living and discernment about content represents a sweet spot for marketers representing millions of brands worldwide.”

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