Sour Deal, Free Hulu

Wireless carrier T-Mobile says it’s trying to make amends for a streaming promotion gone sour.

Last December, T-Mobile offered AT&T wireless customers a free year of DirecTV Now, which is an AT&T streaming service, if they switched to the “Un-carrier.” In other words, T-Mobile lured customers of one AT&T service with the promise of a free subscription to another AT&T service. As TechCrunch notes, T-Mobile’s goal was to stanch the loss of subscribers, while undercutting the notion that DirecTVNow was available only from AT&T.

One month later, T-Mobile has issued a statement calling DirectTV Now “a total disaster,” quoting negative reviews deeming the streaming service “a complete mess” and “not ready for prime time,” among other things.

In order “to make things right,” T-Mobile is now giving every former AT&T customer who signed up for the original promotion an additional streaming subscription – one free year of Hulu. T-Mobile said those customers will receive a notification with a unique code in the coming weeks.

In making the offer, John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile, couldn’t resist taking a jab at the competition:

“It turns out DirecTV Now is barely watchable, but we’ve got our customers’ backs! So, every former AT&T customer who took us up on our offer now gets a free year of Hulu on us…Even I can’t believe AT&T spent $67 billion on DirecTV and still couldn’t roll out a streaming service that worked!”

In 2015, it was reported that AT&T closed a $48.5 billion acquisition of Direct TV.

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