China Global’s ‘Big Story’

China Global Television Network (CGTN), run by the country’s national broadcaster China Central Television and known as CCTV News until December 31, has launched a weekend series of international current affairs documentaries called Big Story.

According to CGTN, the first weeks of the series will include the TV premiere of Tell Spring Not to Come This Year, documenting the Afghan National Army’s war against the Taliban following the departure of US and NATO troops. Here’s a trailer for the film, which won the Audience Choice Award at the 2015 Berlin Film Festival:

Big Story airs 5 pm ET Fridays and 8 pm Saturdays. You can watch it — and all of CGTN’s news-oriented schedule – without a pay TV subscription over-the-air in Washington, DC on channel 30.3, and nationwide over YouTube. You can also watch live right here:

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