Welcome to The Savvy Screener!  This is a news site dedicated to TV discovery beyond traditional cable/satellite/telco channels. It is written both for cord-cutters and those simply looking to explore the wide range of video content choices available online and over-the-air.

TV Discovery Starts Here

The Savvy Screener covers the expanding television universe, including:

  • Pay streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and CBS All Access;
  • Free streaming services like Crackle, YouTube and Shout Factory TV;
  • Over-the-air multicast channels like MeTV, Movies! and Decades.

The Savvy Screener serves its readers by:

  • Pointing out hidden TV/film gems, both online and over-the-air, and how to access them;
  • Highlighting business trends influencing tomorrow’s content.

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The Savvy One is an elusive bird. Wise and wary of the new television omniverse. Wide-eyed and binge watching his way through life. He is ever perched and ready to bring the knowledge of TV Discovery to the world.

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