Streaming Baseball Lore

A streaming channel that Ken Burns – and all baseball fans – would surely love.

Baseball documentarian Jon Leonoudakis will launch ‘The Sweet Spot – A Treasury of Baseball Stories,’ a streaming channel featuring an original documentary anthology series of the same name “focusing on deep, personal, and inside stories from players, coaches, writers, fans, mascots, and more.”

“This is a new look at America’s oldest game,” said Leonoudakis, who is also co-founder of documentary production company Evzone Media and Experiential. “There’s so much more to baseball than who had the most RBIs. I’m exploring baseball’s sub-culture to examine stories and themes the mainstream media typically miss…. The Sweet Spot is about preserving baseball history.”

About 35 episodes have been produced, with another 30 planned for production early next year. Upcoming shows include:

  • Former players Mike “Tiny” Felder and Jim Campanis
  • Texas Rangers bench coach Steve Buechele
  • New Yorker artist Mark Ulriksen
  • “Ironman” scorekeeper Ed Munson, who scored 2,003 consecutive games
  • Female umpire Perry Barber
  • Former Yankees bat boy Matt McGough
  • Sportswriter Ron Rapoport
  • Dodgers Super Fan Emma Amaya
  • San Francisco Giants’ legendary equipment manager of almost 60 years, Mike “Murph” Murphy, who, along with pitcher Jim “Mudcat” Grant, recount discussing racism with President John F. Kennedy at a “surprise breakfast” in 1961.

According to an official announcement, The Sweet Spot channel was scheduled to debut on Roku, Amazon Prime, and Vimeo on Demand December 14, but so far The Savvy Screener has located only the Vimeo trailer below. The channel is also slated to arrive on Apple TV, Google Chromecast and other streaming media outlets in early 2017. It will be accessible both on ad-supported and subscription platforms ($2.99/month).

You can learn more at

Here’s a taste of The Sweet Spot, and remember: only two months to pitchers and catchers.

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