‘Brooklynification’ Debuts

First, let’s get past the title! About the only thing the new series Brooklynification has in common with the long-running series Californication are those last four syllables.

Californication was about a middle-aged, self-destructive former New Yorker now living in Southern California. Recurring comedy themes, as noted by Wikipedia, were sex (note the “fornication” pun in the title), drugs, and rock and roll. Brooklynification focuses on 20 and 30-somethings gentrifying New York City’s Brownstone Brooklyn. Issues generating laughs include real estate deals, “mommy and me” yoga, and making friends over Instagram.

Californication was a product of giant Showtime, while Brooklynification comes from Brooklyn’s non-profit community access provider Bric TV. Each Californication episode was a half-hour, and there were 84 of them over seven seasons (2007-2014). Each Brooklynification episode is just 10 minutes, with the first six of them having just debuted simultaneously online.

Now let’s watch episode one!

If you like that, you can take an hour to binge-watch all the episodes, either at Bric TV or on YouTube. According to a recent episode of another Bric TV show, BK LiveBrooklynification will also debut tonight on Bric TV’s 24/7 non-commercial, Brooklyn-centric channel that not only runs on local access, but also streams everywhere online. We’re not sure what time it will air, but the Bric TV Guide lists two potential slots: “Bric TV Shorts” at 9:30 pm ET or “Bric TV Pilots” at 10:15 pm.

On the other hand, if you’d rather see the first episode of Californication, you can stream it free at Showtime (and also binge on all 84 episodes if you’re a subscriber).

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