‘A House Divided’

Vice, known for its unvarnished approach to investigative journalism, will tackle Washington’s spiraling political dysfunction in Vice Special Report: A House Divided, which premieres on HBO tonight at 10 pm ET.

Vice Founder and CEO Shane Smith interviews President Barack Obama, former House Speaker John Boehner, Republican pollster Frank Lutz and other Washington insiders to examine the legacy of the last eight years, which culminated in the unprecedented 2016 presidential campaign and Donald Trump’s upset victory. The piece will consider, among other things, the rise of the Tea Party, Republican obstructionism, and President Obama’s reflections on what divides the nation.

In this clip, President Obama discusses his failure to “elevate the debate” in Washington:

You can watch HBO Now with a standalone streaming subscription for $14.99, though it’s available for free with a one month trial. You can view it on your computer, Roku, PlayStation Vue and other devices.

(Note: Our featured image of the ‘Vice Special Report’ was obtained through a screen grab from YouTube.)

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