More Watching New Shows Online

More viewers are watching their new favorite shows online.

So concludes Conquering Content, Hub Entertainment Research’s annual study into TV discovery, which asked respondents to name a new favorite show they’ve come across and how they watch it.

Although 53% of respondents said they watch that program on live TV, VOD or DVR, 40% said they catch it online, up from 31% in 2014.

Original programming seems to ensure SVOD subscriber loyalty, with 69% of respondents stating it makes “them more likely to keep their subscription,” and 32% “much more likely.”

“SVODs are powering much of the growth in new original content, and the shift toward TV discovery on online platforms,” said Jon Giegengack of Hub. “As traditional networks invest in their own online platforms and catalogs, high quality exclusive content will become even more important in winning an audience.”

“We’re reaching a major turning point in the sources consumers turn to first for new show discovery — from linear to online” said Peter Fondulas of Hub. “But that’s a reflection of an even more monumental shift: from SVODs as content distributors, to content producers.”

You can learn more about the survey at Hub Entertainment Research. A September Hub report revealed that more consumers prefer ad-supported versus paid television online.

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