Docurama to Join LeEco

LeEco plans to launch two Cinedigm channels on its streaming service in early 2017.

One channel, Docurama, as its name suggests, will focus on documentaries. Cinedigm says Docurama will have a library of more than 300 “award-winning films and television episodes.” Cindedigm has already been running Docurama online and via iOS and Android apps.

The second channel, yet to be named, will feature “mainstream entertainment.”

Last month, LeEco announced  it would soon offer streaming content across its universe of existing and future ecophones and ecotvs — including Cinedigm’s Dove Channel and CONtv.

Although new to North America, LeEco, which was founded in 2004, shipped more than 3. 9 million smartphones worldwide in 2014, according to TechCrunch, and that number could hit 25 million. It’s also not new to streaming video, having earned the moniker, “The Netflix of China.”

You can learn more by exploring LeEco’s product “ecosystem.”

No details were released about subscription costs, if any.

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