Peeks Expands Video Library

Keek has acquired the rights to more than 500,000 short videos and 1,000 daily videos from an array of media producers for streaming under its new Peeks brand.

National Geographic, Reuters, CBC, Road & Track, Seventeen and Esquire, among others, will provide content to begin appearing on the revamped Peeks app in 2017. The revised app interface will include improved discovery and recommendation tools.

“Providing access to relevant recent video content from major media outlets is a large part of this. However we are also focused on attracting the internet’s top content producers and bringing professionally produced interactive live content to the platform,” said Mark Itwaru, CEO of Keek.


Keek recently changed the name of its Keek user-generated video sharing app to Peeks, along with its website, which is now called Peeks Video.

You can download the Peeks app at the Apple or Google app stores, or by visiting

This promotional video explains Peeks’ video sharing app and payment platform. Viewers can voluntarily “tip” the creators of uploaded content with a small payment; the creator also has the option of putting their content behind a pay wall, forcing viewers to send a tip before viewing.

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