Zacherley, ‘The Cool Ghoul’

Happy Halloween! In honor of classic TV horror host/radio DJ/recording artist Zacherley (aka “the cool ghoul”), who died Friday at age 98, here’s a 49-year-old clip of the then-49-year-old hosting a Halloween edition of the cult NYC dance show Disc-O-Teen. It features the equally legendary Alex Chilton and the Box Tops:

Zacherley achieved his first and most long-lasting round of fame as a horror movie host on Philadelphia and New York TV stations in the late ‘50s/early ‘60s, when he would not only do intros and outros but insert himself right into the films. In 1998, Zacherly hosted the following retrospective that includes rare remaining clips from Shock Theater, Zacherly at Large and Chiller Theatre.

Even rarer than Zacherley’s horror show clips are samples of Disc-O-Teen, which ran after school on the obscure channel 47 (now the NYC Telemundo station) out of Newark, NJ. So here’s the only other Disc-O-Teen clip that’s been posted on YouTube:

Finally, in keeping with The Savvy Screener’s recent stories on celebrity presidential candidates (part 1part 2 and Snoopy for President), we’ve now discovered…yes…Zacherley ran for president as well! Despite what the YouTuber implies, the following appears to be the audio portion of a 1960, not 2012, TV show:



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