Twitch Debuts ‘ChefShock’

panel-136177694-image-295d004f1ccb5d0d-320-320You can take a couple of hours out from tricking or treating this evening to catch the premiere of ChefShock, hosted by celebrity chef Justin Warner, from 8-10 pm ET on Twitch.

You can also cook along, which is apparently the point of a two-hour-long cooking show. ChefShock will air live every weeknight during the same time period.

Tonight, for instance, you can prepare “meatloaf with coffee ketchup, mashed potatoes and green beans.” For a list of the ingredients for this dish and all of this week’s recipes go to Google Docs – and, if you want to cook along, get all the ingredients delivered within an hour through Instacart (for a price, of course).

“The idea is that you get the ingredients and cook along with me in real time,” says Warner at the show’s Twitch site. “Nothing is pre-prepared. If I screw it up then I screw it up! But I am here to help if you screw it up.”

Warner, a winner of Food Network Star and author of The Laws of Cooking: And How to Break Them, explains more in this video.

Twitch, the social video platform owned by Amazon, had primarily focused on gaming-related and music content until the launch of Twitch Creative a year ago. Bill Moorier, head of Twitch Creative, said that “the art of cooking has become popular among our community. ChefShock is taking this format to a new level by adding a highly produced cook-with-me layer to the process.”

To watch Chefshock, go to

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