New Apple TV App

Apple promises to make navigating the Apple TV universe easier with a new app offering “a unified experience for discovering and accessing TV shows and movies from multiple apps on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad.”


The new Apple TV app includes:

  • Watch Now, which allows viewers to peruse and select from “their collection of available shows and movies from iTunes and apps”;
  • Up Next, which prioritizes shows and movies that a customer has downloaded or purchased based on what it determines to be that person’s preferences;
  • Recommended, which suggests programming that is trending or “handpicked by Apple’s curators;”
  • Library, which allows users to access their collection of purchased and rented iTunes movies and shows;
  • Store, which allows users to discover new content across Apple’s video services.

The TV app also syncs all Apple devices so you can continue a show on one device that you had been watching on another.

Apple also introduced Live Tune-In, a Siri voice feature that allows viewers direct access to live news and sporting events across their apps. For example, you can request a particular sporting event, and Siri will take you directly to the live video, as well as provide additional details.

Apple TV claims to offer 8,000 apps, including 2,000 games and 1,600 video apps covering sports, news, fitness, education, kids and lifestyle, among other categories.

The TV app will be available in December as a free software update for Apple TV (4th generation), iPhone and iPad customers. Live tune-in with Siri is available now.

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