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Le Eco’s inclusion of two independent movie channels – Fandor and IndieFlix – in its new “ecosystem” got us thinking about all the ways you can now stream indie films. So here’s The Savvy Screener’s Guide to Indie Film Streaming Services.

Let’s start with rivals Fandor and IndieFlix.

In addition to Le Eco, Fandor has just added Amazon Prime to its long list of viewing options. Fandor said it will be available to Amazon Prime subscribers by year’s end as part of the Amazon Channels subscription add-on service.

Besides Le Eco, Amazon Prime and, you can get also get Fandor via Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Android, Kindle, iPads and iPhones. Indeed, Fandor claims to offer more independent movies (8,000+ titles) than any other streaming service “on the greatest number of devices.”

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So how does Fandor, which has been around for over five years, stack up against IndieFlix? In business for over 10 years, IndieFlix also claims over 8,000 titles. In addition to Le Eco and, you can get it on Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku, via iOS and Android apps, and “more.” IndieFlix costs $4.99 monthly, or $39.99 annually, while the respective prices for Fandor are $10 and $90.

Meanwhile, both Fandor and IndieFlix are facing increased competition from more selective, heavily curated and “artsy” subscription services — with Lionsgate/Tribeca Film Festival’s Tribeca Shortlist and Turner Classic Movie/Criterion Collection’s FilmStruck joining the more established Mubi.

Mubi, which has been serving films globally since 2007 and in the US for several years now, offers a new movie every day. Each film stays on the site for one month, so there are always exactly 30 movies in its library. Mubi costs $5.99/month.  You can learn more – including a device list — at

Tribeca Shortlist, which launched a year ago, has a library of some 150 titles and costs $4.99/month. Filmstruck, now set to premiere in November, promises hundreds of titles at a cost of $6.99/month. For more information on each, including devices, visit and

If you’re looking for independent movies, you can also check out: and, both available for $5.99/month, or two pay-per-title services – Flix Premiere and Cineflix.

And all of the aforementioned are just your ad-free pay streaming options. On the ad-supported free side, you can find a wide selection of indie movies on Snagfilms (check out their “Snag for President” category!).

Have a favorite provider of streaming indie films that we’ve left out? Let readers know in the comments section below!

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