‘How I Created a Cult’

Conscious 2, a new online subscription service dedicated to “mindfulness, yoga and conscious living,” has premiered a six-part docuseries, How I Created a Cult: The Story of Andrew Cohen and EnlightenNext.

The series, which debuted its first episode October 16, “profiles Andrew Cohen, one of America’s most controversial spiritual teachers, the collapse of his organization EnlightenNext in 2013, and the shocking realization to his followers — and the rest of the world — that they were a part of a cult.”

The series includes interviews with cult founder and leader Andrew Cohen, as well as commentary from his former students and outside experts.

“Our platform is devoted to original content around conscious living,” said Alex Howard, CEO & Founder of Conscious 2. “Subscribers get an all-access pass to world-class teachers, classes and programs to promote a more thoughtful and healthy lifestyle. To give audiences an authentic representation of all the different practices out there, we also need to expose the dark shadows of spiritual teachings, as this series does.”

You can subscribe to Conscious 2 for $16.99 per month or an annual fee of $120.

For more on Conscious 2 and the docuseries, visit www.conscious2.com.

Here’s the trailer for How I Created a Cult:


The Atlantic also produced this 16-minute documentary about Andrew Cohen, How Well-Meaning, Intelligent People End Up in a Cult:

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