More Celebs for President

Yesterday, The Savvy Screener looked at several celebrities (Pat Paulsen, Betty Boop, Gracie Allen, Howdy Doody) who ran for President without previous political campaign experience. We continue today with the candidacies of a chipmunk, possum, duck and porn star.

1960: Alvin

Who was he? Still going strong as mischievous leader of cartoon chipmunk trio

Slogan:“We don’t care if we live in a tent, just as long as Alvin’s President!”

Video: The Alvin Show, TV clip

1976: Linda Lovelace

Who was she? Actress, best known for porno classic Deep Throat

Slogan: “Vote for Linda Lovelace and get a piece of America.”

Video: The feature film Linda Lovelace for President is available for online rental. Here’s a scene:

1980: Pogo

Who was he? A rather reluctant candidate, and a naïve comic strip possum

Slogan: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Video: In an apt metaphor for a very reluctant candidate, to see the complete I Go Pogo feature film, you’d have to spend $50 for a used VHS copy on Amazon! Instead, here are the opening minutes:

2004: Daffy Duck

Who was he? His name says it all

Slogan: “I’m going to pass a law that will outlaw wabbits!”

Video: Daffy Duck for President, theatrical short

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