Finding ZoZo This Weekend

LiveSciFi will live-stream a 72-hour paranormal investigation inside the ‘haunted’ “ZoZo Ouija Demon House” in Oklahoma City, from 10 pm ET tonight until the same time Sunday.

The investigation will be led by Tim Wood and Darrell Evans. Wood is founder of LiveSciFi, whose YouTube channel tops 400,000 subscribers. Evans is co-author of the new book The ZoZo Phenomenon, a look into the “demon” named Zozo who apparently likes to show up unexpectedly during ouija board sessions.

A ouija board will be one of the tools employed by the investigators, along with sensory deprivation, a “God helmet” and “electronic voice phenomena/instrumental transcommunication.” And, notes Wood, “We’re going to have an exorcist with us. That way if something happens, we can be cleansed and exorcised immediately.”

Also onboard for this weekend’s ‘ghost hunt’ will be a team from the gaming/fandom video programmer Machinima, which said it will attempt a “live 360 VR Ouija experience” on its Machinima and Inside Gaming YouTube channels. Machinima also plans to show clips from the live telecast on Halloween.

You can watch the live paranormal investigation this weekend on, its YouTube channel, or below. If you miss it or want to see more live ghost-hunting, LiveSciFi’s next investigation two weekends from now will emanate from the house of the Charles Manson murders near Beverly Hills, CA.


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