CellOn Signs On

New streaming service CellOn TV, which quietly launched September 15, touts itself as “the smarter alternative to cable.” Indeed, CellOn offers something beyond even Sling TV  — namely, live feeds of all the major broadcast networks.

Monthly subscriptions start at $1.99/month with a basic package. This provides 20 live channels – from shopping network QVC, to vintage cartoon net BlinkoTV, to “OnSet” channels covering comedy, kids, gaming, scifi/adventure and sitcoms. You also get 84 YouTube channels and 22 audio channels.

For $24.99/month, CellOn offers a premium package, which adds 46 broadcast and basic cable channels to the mix – including all the major broadcast networks, as well as ESPN, Disney, CNN, MTV, Bravo, FX, TNT, and many more.

Throw in another $5 a month, and you can get the premium+ package — with another 169 channels spanning a wide range of genres. A random sampling includes Wonderful Living TV, Spud’s Funny Channel, Russia TV, UFO News and Beach Sports Network.

There’s also a free option, which seems to provide the same live channels as the basic package, but not the YouTube channels.

You can get CellOn TV on streaming devices, via smartphone/tablet apps, or online. If you want to watch on your TV set, and don’t have Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Chromecast, CellOn TV also sells its own streaming device for $99 (with a free year of the “basic” service thrown in).

Here’s a video that explains CellOn’s packages and how to get them. (Note, however, that when CellOn talks of “premium channels,” it doesn’t mean the likes of HBO or Showtime.)


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