Newsy Now on Hulu

Online news network Newsy, which is owned by the E.W. Scripps Company, has launched on Hulu.

Every day Newsy posts 30 short news reports covering world and national news, policy, culture, science and technology. It also offers original series including Americanize Me and My First President.

“Partnering with Hulu gives Newsy the opportunity to further our reach with the growing population of young people who are seeking an alternative to cable news,” said Blake Sabatinelli, general manager of Newsy. “Hulu’s strong channel lineup and focus on over-the-top delivery makes it a natural platform for our cord-cutting audience to engage with our content.”

Newsy will be available through both Hulu’s $7.99 limited commercial and $11.99 ad-free monthly subscription plans.

There are numerous other ways to watch Newsy, including Roku, Apple TV and Sling TV. To learn more about viewing options, visit

Here’s a recent report about China’s terra-cotta army:


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