Dr. Oz’s Omai TV

Jungo TV, co-founded by celebrity physician Dr. Mehmet Oz, has introduced Omai TV, an online TV platform providing premium programming to more than 100 million Vietnamese speakers worldwide.

JungoTV provides content in 10 different languages to millions of foreign-language speakers around the world.  Omai TV, the latest brand in the Jungo TV family, has available to stream, in both high and standard definition, over 2,000 programs featuring news, entertainment, drama and sports from the US, Vietnam, Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Omai TV also offers “a robust video-on-demand (VOD) library.” In total, Omai TV “expects to deliver nearly 5,000 hours of programming to subscribers by the end of the year.”


Dr. Oz said, “It is time that television started serving the global multi-lingual community that is our world today and this launch represents the globalization of television. In addition to this being the wave of the future, it is the seminal opportunity for those living away from their homeland to reconnect with their culture and lifestyle.”

Subscribers can access content via mobile platforms including iOS and Android, as well as streaming via the web and other connected devices.

A $12.95 monthly subscription plan is available at Omai TV.  You can also download the Omai TV app at Google Play or iTunes.

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