More Kids’ Animation from Netflix

Netflix will introduce six new animated series for children in 2017 and 2018.

Two shows – Treehouse Detectives and Super Monsters – are aimed at preschoolers.  Four series – LEGO Elves, The Hollow, Kibaoh Klashers and Robozuna – are intended for older kids.

Here’s a brief synopsis for each.

For preschoolers

Treehouse Detectives (2018)

Treehouse Detectives is the story of “two curious bears that are no strangers to adventure. Big-hearted Toby and his more rational sister Teri” are detectives who “solve the neighborhood’s mysteries – What happened to the snowman? Where did all the caterpillars go? Why do leaves fall from the trees?

Super Monsters (2017)

Super Monsters is about six friends at Pitchfork Pines Preschool – Drac, Cleo, Lobo, Katya, Zoe and Frankie — who are “humans by day and magical monsters by night.” Each episode will explore “kindergarten readiness skills like sharing, communicating feelings and respecting others.”

For older children

LEGO Elves (2017)

LEGO Elves is the latest addition to the Netflix original series from The LEGO Group which include LEGO Bionicle: The Journey to One and LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship. LEGO Elves follows Emily Jones back to Elvendale, where she must save her little sister Sophie and free Goblin Village from the Goblin King “and his evil minions.”

Robozuna (2018)

Robozuna tells the tale of “an orphaned 14-year-old boy, Ariston, and his homemade robot friend, Mangle,” as they “attempt to free their oppressed nation from an evil empire and its legion of robot centurions.”

Robozuna underscores the value “of teamwork and self-discovery through the hardships of finding your way home.”

The Hollow (2018)

In The Hollow, three teenagers who are strangers, “awake confused and alone in an underground bunker.” Adam, Kai and Mira are “forced to band together as they search for a way back home” through “a maze of bizarre towns, odd time portals, dangerous beasts and quirky characters.”

Kibaoh Klashers (2017)

Kibaoh Klashers follows Dylan, a young beetle who seeks to follow in his parents “winning footsteps” after learning of their “success at the grand Battle Blades racing tournament.” However, Dylan and his friends must first thwart “a crooked prime minister” who “plans to use the high-profile event to take the throne of the Beetle Realm.” Dylan’s journey is described as a “heroic path to self-discovery.”

You can visit Netflix to learn about other upcoming additions to its library.


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