FilmStruck to Launch Oct. 19

FilmStruck, the new subscription streaming service for “film aficionados” from Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and the Criterion Collection, is to debut Wednesday, October 19, at a price of $6.99/month. filmstruck_h_blackred_tm

Then, on Friday, November 11, Filmstruck will add The Criterion Channel, with access to the Criterion Collection’s entire streaming library. Combo subscriptions to FilmStruck and The Criterion Channel will cost $10.99/month, or $99 annually.

FillmStruck plans to launch with some 70 content themes. In addition to those previously revealed, they include:

  • ‘Early Kubrick’ – “the early films of renowned director Stanley Kubrick show how this cinematic visionary got his start and ultimately found his way into moviemaking”;
  • ‘Food for Thought’ – “a collection of films that tickles the tongue by prominently featuring food”;
  • ‘Panic Room’ – a monthly “franchise” that explores cult and indie horror film, hosted by actor-comedian Lucky Yates;
  • ‘World Discoveries’ – another monthly ‘franchise,’  “spotlighting cinematic gems from burgeoning film industries around the world — hosted by film critic Alicia Malone.

In addition to Yates and Malone, FilmStruck named one other host  – Bill Hader, who will introduce collections featuring director Akira Kurosawa and screenwriter Sam Fuller.

Announced film titles include Babette’s Feast, Blood Simple, Blow-Up, Breaker Morant, A Hard Day’s Night, Mad Max, Metropolis, Moulin Rouge, My Life as a Dog, Paths of Glory, The Player, A Room with a View, Seven Samurai, The Seventh Seal, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Stardust Memories, The Trip to Bountiful, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and Woodstock.

Filmstruck will also feature extras like “mini-documentaries,” celebrities and experts in ‘Point-of-View’ segments, audio commentaries and filmmaker interviews.

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