Video Snacking Eats into Regular TV

New research indicates short-form video content – everything from music and how-to videos to movie trailers and cute critter hijinks – competes with regular TV viewing.


The latest Horowitz Research report, Multiplatform Content & Services 2016, reveals that 76% of Internet users 18 and older view short-form content at least weekly, with 44% watching daily.

Music videos, how-to videos, and movie previews appear to be the most popular, with animal, cooking  and comedy videos a close second.

Do internet videos hurt or help long-form TV?

More than half (57%) report watching short-form content only when they’re not viewing regular television, including just before bed (39%), at work or school (23%), with friends (19%), or first thing in the morning (18%).

A little more than a quarter (28%), however, are video multitaskers, consuming both short-form and long-form programming at the same time. Just under a quarter (23%) say they view short videos at times when they used to watch traditional TV.

“Accounting for those who do both, this translates to 43% of internet users 18+ indicating that they watch at least a little short-form content at times that compete with long-form viewing,” said Horowitz Research.

You can learn more about the report at Horowitz Research.

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