This Game Show’s Really a Test

Using its YouTube audience as guinea pigs for projected primetime programming on traditional television, Fine Brothers Entertainment (FBE) announced the upcoming launch of Quizzicle, described as “a fast-paced, colorful and hilarious game show.”

Quizzicle represents the first “new television format” to stem from a partnership among three TV content companies — FBE, best known for its React video entertainment series; Entertainment One (eOne); and Keller/Noll, the creators of Food Network’s Chopped.

Quizzicle and other upcoming “incubator” projects will be tested over FBE’s YouTube channel — whose 14 million subscribers currently receive the animated series Emo Dad, sketch comedy shows, and numerous React videos.

Reaching this audience “will allow us to receive direct and instant feedback from a targeted worldwide fanbase,” said Tara Long, eOne’s executive vice president of US alternative programming.

“We’ll be able to deliver high-quality, entertaining content with a real audience sample before we even get to traditional markets,” added Benny and Rafi Fine, co-founders of FBE.

Quizzicle itself “is designed to be a fast, funny, game app; a laugh-out-loud digital game; and an epic, grand, primetime game show,” declared Cleve Keller and Dave Noll, the heads of Keller/Noll.

The partners further described Quizzicle as “part puzzle and part quiz,” pitting “two teams against each other in an exciting, laugh-out-loud competition where contestants guess answers to pop culture trivia clues.”

The show is expected to premiere later this year.

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