‘Shocking Horror’ on a Device Near You

A little Luis Bunuel, a lot of gore.

It’s hard to resist the promotion for a new film, True Love Ways, which is to debut on Amazon, iTunes, Vimeo, Google Play, Vudu, InDemand, DirectTV and other services starting October 1. The cost for viewing was not provided.


According to its distributor, Synergetic Distribution, True Love Ways, written and directed by Mathieu Selier, offers “modern viewers a taste of Luis Bunuel and Dario Argento via unforgettable scenes and shocking horror… What would happen if a French New Wave director was transported to the 21st century and decided to make a slasher?”

Shot in black and white with a 95-minute running time, True Love Ways involves Séverine, who “becomes the victim of a twisted plot when, in an attempt to win her back, her boyfriend Tom makes a deal with a mysterious man. The man constructs a plot to kidnap Séverine, giving Tom the chance to play the hero. When the situation gets out of control and Séverine faces her sadistic kidnappers, it turns into a bloody battle for survival.”

“Luckily, it’s not all empty spectacle,” Synergetic promises. “There’s a narrative at work that explores feminism, sexuality, and storytelling itself.”

What happens when high-brow meets low-brow? You’ll just have to wait until October 1 to find out.

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