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Charlie Sheen is back, this time starring in and executive producing a movie for Sony’s streaming network Crackle.


The comedy, Mad Families, began production in Los Angeles last week. Sheen will play Charlie Jones, described as “a lovable man-child with a heart of gold and a unique way of looking at the world.” Sheen previously played Charlie Harper in Two and a Half Men, Charlie Goodson in Anger Management and Charlie Crawford in Spin City, among other Charlies.

The plot presents “three families – one Hispanic, one African American, one Caucasian – who find themselves sharing the same camping space on a Fourth of July holiday weekend. When none of them volunteer to vacate the site, they try to figure out a way to cohabitate peacefully, but eventually decide on a series of competitions to determine a winner.” The film is being directed and produced by Fred Wolf, who also directed Joe Dirt 2 for Crackle. Both Wolf and David Spade, who was the eponymous Joe Dirt, wrote the script.

Leah Remini, who starred alongside Kevin James in the series King of Queens, will play Charlie’s step-mother, Cheyenne.

Crackle is a free streaming service – no subscription required.

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