Theater, Radio, Video Meet at ‘The Crossroads’

Live theater, radio plays and video streaming will meet at The Crossroads as the Golden Age Radio Hour presents its second Facebook Live airing on Saturday, September 17, at 11 pm ET.

The Golden Age Radio Hour presents monthly radio play adaptations of L. Ron Hubbard’s fiction works at the L. Ron Hubbard Theater in Los Angeles. Following an August 27 stream of Yukon Madness, which the theater says reached more than 20,000 viewers, next up is The Crossroads, originally written by future Church of Scientology founder Hubbard in 1941. The cast includes Nancy Cartwright (Bart’s voice in The Simpsons), Larrs Jackson (The Princess Diaries 2) and Travis Oates (Piglet’s voice in Winnie the Pooh)..

The Crossroads “humorously depicts the beginning of government subsidy to farmers during the Great Depression, said Executive Producer Meliva Koch.

Here’s a complete plot synopsis: “Frustrated with a government that pays him to bury surplus food, farmer Eben Smith says goodbye to his wife and decides to take matters into his own hands. He piles up his wagon with ripe fruit and vegetables and sets out for the big city to barter his goods. But before Eben reaches his destination, he comes across a strange place, The Crossroads, where he falls into a break in the space/time continuum—where alternate realities collide and his reality is turned upside-down.”

And here’s a replay of the half-hour Yukon Madness:

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