Yahoo View Replaces Free Hulu

Planning to watch free recent episodes of ABC, NBC and Fox shows online this fall? They’ll now be available on the just-launched Yahoo View, along with lots of other movies, TV shows and clips.


The content comes to Yahoo via a deal with Hulu, which will cease providing its own free service, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The publication noted that the freebies — Hulu’s raison d’etre at its launch nine years ago — have been unpublicized and difficult to find in recent years as Hulu has switched over to a subscription model.

Yahoo View said it will show the last five available episodes of Fox shows starting eight days after broadcast. It didn’t specify when the ABC or NBC shows would be offered, but past experience would indicate within a day of broadcast.


The new service,which launched today at (mobile web and apps “coming soon”) also offers “thousands of TV, anime, Korean drama and movies including full episodes, films, and clips.”

Once you’re watching a show on Yahoo View, such as this past Friday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, you can also scroll down to “browse photos and GIFs from the passionate Tumblr fandom,” as well as a “beyond the episode” section.


Yahoo said that these added features “can visually block the enhanced content that might reveal spoilers about the current video playing, and picture-in-picture so viewers can continue to watch while browsing to other content without leaving the screen.”



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