YouTube Still #1 Video Platform

YouTube is still the top video platform in nearly every country, says eMarketer in its new report, Global Video Platforms: A Country-by-Country Review of Digital Video Usage.

YouTube leads in nearly every country except China, where it is blocked by the government. eMarketer references an October 2015 study by GlobalWebIndex showing that “at least three-quarters of Internet users in every region worldwide” watch video on YouTube.

eMarketer graph

eMarketer also quotes a Nielsen survey showing that although 65% of Internet users globally watch video online, only 26% pay for that access. Nielsen indicated people are still more likely to pay for a cable subscription, with the exception of North America, where more customers pay for video-on-demand (35%) than cable TV (31%) or satellite TV (30%).

“This may not come as a surprise as North America has the most developed VOD market in the world,” eMarketer wrote. “The strong adoption of SVOD platforms in North America relative to other regions worldwide is due in large part to the wide array of services available,” including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

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