Strimm: 355 User-Created Channels

gI_92857_Strimm.tvWant to create your own TV channel? Or just watch hundreds of channels created by other people around the world?

Then take a look at Strimm, which has now launched 355 user-created channels since the platform’s debut nine months ago. To create a channel, users can upload their own videos, choose from free video providers like YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, or combine user-generated content with the pre-existing content.

For a list of what you can see on Strimm by content category (e.g., music, sports, fashion, gaming, food, kids, education, travel, technology), click here. The 11 most viewed channels, perhaps due to their generic names, were all created by someone known only as Robert, who describes himself as a big TV fan who went to work in the industry, but as an engineer, and now can finally be a TV programmer.

In order of declining popularity, these are the Strimm Top 10: Fashion World, Healthy Living, Music Network, Travel Channel, Kids Network, Comedy TV, Entertainment Channel, Science and Technology, Food Channel, Discovery TV.  (Note: to watch Strimm channels, you’ll need to create a free account.)

And here, via a YouTube feed, is Fashion World:

Businesses, meanwhile, can create channels on the platform and embed them directly onto their corporate sites. “Organizations can use their own videos or find niche-related content directly on Strimm — and the embedding options also include white-label capability (the Strimm logo removed), which helps the blending process,” said a Strimm spokesperson.


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