‘Science Goes to the Movies’ App

Bill Nye, “The Science Guy” himself, with the show’s hosts

After two seasons on public TV stations, Science Goes to the Movies can now be seen via an iOS or Android app just launched by show producer CUNY TV. The 26 half-hour episodes examine the real-life possibilities of the apparent science found in such popular movies and TV shows as Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Interstellar and Dr. Who. Guests joining co-hosts Faith Salie (CBS Sunday Morning, NPR ) and neuroscientist Dr. Heather Berlin include top scientists, celebrities (e.g., comedian Lewis Black, football star Carl Banks) and celebrity scientists (e.g., Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye).

“Wouldn’t it be great to experience some of the things we see in movies?” said series writer/producer Lisa Beth Kovetz. “It’s definitely cool to find out which of those fantasies, through science, are on their way to real life.”

You can also binge-watch Science Goes to the Movies on CUNY TV’s Vimeo page or catch individual episodes over-the-air on these stations. You’ll need to check your local outlet for dates/times.

Here’s an episode examining the physics behind CW’s The Flash, with guest David E. Kaplan, Professor of Physics & Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University and a producer of the 2013 documentary Particle Fever:

If you want to catch up with The Flash after watching that discussion, you can find five episodes on CWTV, or binge-watch all 46 hours free with a Netflix subscription. The third season of The Flash will premiere on CW stations on Tuesday, Oct. 4. Mr. Kaplan’s documentary Particle Fever can also be found on Netflix.


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