ABC TV Streaming Gets Upgraded

ABC has relaunched its streaming TV offerings in a move that emphasizes both substance and form.

In terms of substance, the network has significantly boosted its streaming library, adding seven original digital short-form series, along with 38 classic or “throwback” shows. The new content is accessible without logging in with a pay TV — cable, satellite or telco — subscription.  To peruse ABC’s expanded streaming library, visit

The seven new shows are the creation of ABC Comedy Development, ABC Daytime and ABC Digital Media. They include:

All My Gay Friends are Getting Married – Michelle Collins, described as “only a mildly bitter single girl,” interviews  gay couples who share stories of falling in love and getting married.

Ty Burell

Boondoogle – Actor Ty Burrell ‘gets his big break’ with a starring role in the hit series, Wingbot. Best friends, Mel, Joel and Johnny, 40-something husbands and dads, come along for the ride. Ty Burrell, Joel Spence, Mel Cowan and Johnny Meeks all play themselves.

Forever 31 – Comedian Iliza Shlesinger and friends struggle with modern adulthood. Created by and starring Iliza Shlesinger.

Tastemade’s ‘Get Cookin’ – This show, sponsored by Hefty, features Erwan Heussaff, Lazarus Lynch, Megan Mitchell serving culinary advice and recipes, garnished with personal stories

I Can Find $3,000 In Your Home – Believing that everyone has at least 52 items totaling more than $3,000, eBay millionaire Linda Lightman visits households across the country, showing how one person’s trash is another’s treasure

Newborn Moms – This comedy offers a humorous take on parenting. New moms Rosie and Julia try to reconcile the ideal with the reality of being parents. Starring Aurora Browne (Rosie) and Nadine Djoury (Julia)

On The Record – Songwriters tell “the story behind the song,” revealing the personal inspirations behind their creative process. The first episode stars Hollywood Records recording artist Shawn Hook.

ABC also announced that 40 additional new series are in development and will be introduced monthly.

My So-Called Life
Claire Danes and Jared Leto in ‘My So-Called Life’

For fans of classic television, full seasons of 38 past shows will be added. They include 8 Simple Rules, Betrayal, Ellen, Felicity, Less Than Perfect, My So-Called Life, The Neighbors, Sports Night and Ugly Betty.

In addition to the new content, ABC announced a redesigned user interface only for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV to help viewers find shows more easily. The new library, however, will be available without logging in to everyone who visits or uses an ABC app for their mobile and connected TV devices.

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