Study: Netflix Holds the SVOD Reins

If you watch Hulu or Amazon Prime but not Netflix, you’re a rare viewer. Hub Entertainment Research has found that only 7% of Hulu subscribers and 17% of Amazon Prime subs don’t also subscribe to Netflix.

The reason? Netflix invented the SVOD (subscription video-on-demand) category, and “as Amazon and Hulu invest in content and original programming, many Netflix subs are adopting those platforms too.”

As you might expect, this also means they’re watching less Netflix. “Viewers who subscribe to Netflix alone spend about a third (32%) of their total TV time watching Netflix,” Hub reported. “But those who subscribe to Netflix and Hulu only spend a quarter (24%) of their total viewing on Netflix.”

The tendency to pay for multiple services extends to cable/satellite/telco viewers,. The study found that  64% of people with broadband and a “traditional pay TV package” also subscribe to at least one SVOD service.

Overall, Hub says that 66% of viewers with broadband subscribe to SVOD: 57% =to Netflix, 24% to Amazon Prime, and 13% to Hulu.

The study was conducted in June of 1,200 US broadband consumers who watch at least 5 hours of TV per week.

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